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Bottles available at our brewery...

Yellow Fever 50cl

Mai Uait 33cl

van Dogh 33cl

Boot Hill APA 33cl & 50cl

White Dog IPA 50 cl

Darker Shade of Pale 50 cl

TDS Stout (Tall Dark Stranger) 50 cl

(pick up only - and please call to make sure we're at the brewery...    349 816 3026;  059 712 5172)

last updated 22/01/2018

White Dog real ales are made with the simplest and best of ingredients - water, malted barley, hops and brewer's yeast. Our brewing process reflects traditional methods and is little different from that used hundreds of years ago. Our ales are not filtered or pasteurised or artificially carbonated. Secondary fermentation takes place in the cask or bottle and casked ales are served using imported English hand pumps which deliver the traditional creamy head of British beers without the gas.

We provide a list of carefully selected pubs which are equipped to store and serve Real Ale.

The White Dog Brewery is situated in a the Apennines between Bologna and Modena. Click here for directions. Visitors are always welcome, though it is advisable to call first on +39 059 712 5172 or by arranging a time via email at whitedogsteve@gmail.com. 

Real Ale in Italy

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White Dog Brewery
Brewed by Steve & Kelly 
Via Monzone, 32- 41052 Rocchetta di Guiglia (MO) - Italy
e-mail: whitedogsteve@gmail.com