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3 steps toward a healthier earth...

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1. The most ecological way of getting rid of spent malt is to compost together with leaves, clippings and organic waste from the kitchen. (I keep a separate compost box for the spent hops as they have a high acidic level and makes a great compost for specific flowering plants in the front garden.)

2. For deliveries in Emilia Romagna we use our methane powered Opel Combo which pollutes very little when compared to deisel, petrol and LPG powered vehichles.

3. Any remianing water after a brew is reused in the cleaning of the brewery and used to water the veggie patch - which, along with bio veggies and herbs, contains samples of the English hops East Kent Goldings e Fuggles.





White Dog Brewery
Brewed By Steve & Kelly Dawson
Via Monzone, 416 - 41052 Rocchetta di Guiglia (MO) - Italy
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