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Each of our ales is available in bottles (in which case they are "bottle-conditioned") or casks ("cask-conditioned") unlike the vast majority of beers produced by major breweries which are not conditioned in the vessel from which they are served. Industrial beers are filtered (to ensure clarity), carbonated with compressed CO2 (to ensure fizziness) and pasteurised (to extend shelf life). All of these operations detract from the flavour of the beer.

The alternative method we use is natural conditioning. Beer will clear of its own accord if allowed to rest and will generate CO2 naturally as yeast remaining in the unfiltered beer continues to work - and it will not pass its prime if it is consumed quickly enough. With cask-conditioned ale, the cask is vented by breaking the seal to release the conditioning gas and delivered into the glass using a hand pump. The simple piston action draws the beer from the cask using negative pressure (suction) rather than the usual method of pushing the beer out of a sealed keg by positive pressure using compressed gases. The tiny bubbles created by natural refermentation expand and "bloom" in the liquid as the beer is drawn out of the cask. This gives the beer a "waterfall" effect in the glass and a fine, creamy texture. It also causes the flavours and aromas to be greatly enhanced as the tiny bubbles have far more surface area for you taste buds to grab onto.

This rather complicated process, along with the logistical problems of handling a relatively unstable product, involves extra work, time and additional costs for the brewer, his distributors and the pub owner. Fortunately, there are individuals in each category who are willing to take on this challenge and the benefits to the customer are a rare product and drinking experience which are vastly superior to the commonly available industrialised products.

ales available from the White Dog Brewery:

Yellow Fever  A delicate, highly hopped golden ale. Top fermented  5,5% a.b.v. circa

Rocchetta's Best This best bitter is made from Maris Otter Pale Malt, bittered with Fuggles hops and with the late addition of other hop varieties for aroma. Top fermented 3,52% a.b.v. circa

White Dog IPA  A highly hopped Indian Pale Ale.  Top fermented 5,8% a.b.v. circa

Boot Hill APA  A Pale Ale highly hopped with American hops.  Top fermented 5,8% a.b.v. circa

Porter Wagoner  A dark mohogany ale with wonderful and complex tastes of coffee and chocolate with some hints of liquorice all thanks to the diverse toasted malts used in our recipe.  Top fermented 6,0% circa

Tall Dark Stranger (TDS Stout) A dry Irish stout  full of body and flavour with distinctive liquirice and coffee tones.  Top fermented 5,8% a.b.v. circa

Brass Monkey Our seasonal "winter ale" is strong, spiced, honeyed and very slightly sweet - sure to keep you warm during the winter months. Top fermented 7,0% a.b.v. circa

That's Amore!  A dry Irish stout with wild blackberries - handpicked by the brewer's bride here in Rocchetta.  Top fermented 6,3% a.b.v. circa



White Dog Brewery
Brewed By Steve & Kelly Dawson
Via Monzone, 416 - 41052 Guiglia (MO) - Italy
e-mail: steve@whitedogbeer.com